Who we are

In2sep is a privately owned company and is built on decades of experience in engineering, fluid mechanics, and separation technology.

In2sep uses extensive Fluid Mechanics knowledge. Based on in-depth knowledge of the various application areas, we develop cutting-edge cyclonic technology.

Our focus and expertise is on high efficiency cyclones (high separation efficiency and low energy consumption) which is both economically advantegeous for customers and for the environment.

Engineering, development, prototyping and testing are carried out in-house. With our own laboratory, production-facility (machining) and work with selected sub-contractors (construction and welding) we ensure flexibility, short communication lines, and high quality products.

Cyclonic Technology

A cyclone is a static separation device with no moving parts, meant to separate a light and heavy phase. Pressure is converted to (tangential) velocity in a very energy efficient manner.

In a cyclone the light and heavy phases are separated due to centrifugal forces. The high velocity flow in our  cyclones is well balanced to keep a stable flow and ensure high separation efficiency and a low pressure drop.